Home Security = Peace of Mind

I rely a lot of my home security system. This is because my house had been broken into and I credit my home security system with saving my family. I have been with my home security for a number of years. I even had signs posted in front of my home to let everyone passing by know that my home was protected. The day before the incident happened at my home is was very windy and somehow my signs blew over.

I was home alone with my small child one night. My husband was away on business. He goes away for work at least once a month and I have not been afraid to be home alone with my child before. I was sleeping and I thought that I heard a noise downstairs. The next thing I know I hear the sound of shattering glass and an alarm going off. The phone next to me rang and a representative from the insurance company called and asked if everything was okay. I told him about the noise that I heard and the sound of breaking glass. He told me that the police would be on the way. He even stayed on the phone line with me until the police arrived just in case anything was to happen.


The police showed up and looked around my home for any evidence of an intruder. Another office searched the neighborhood and found a man dressed all in black. In his possession was a dark mask and they also found a loaded gun in his pocket. The officers took him down to the police station for questioning. It turned out he worked as a pizza delivery person during the day. He had been delivering food to my home for the last several months and had his eye on the house. He was looking and waiting for the perfect time to rob it. I am very thankful to my home security system and the staff that runs the company. The system saved me and my family from something very bad happening to use.

Since this incident I decided to move. I have wireless Phoenix security systems so I do not have to go without protection. All I did was take the sensors down from my old location. When I to my new home before unpacking I hung up the sensors in the new home. I called the service provide and gave them information about my new location and my new address. Within a matter of minutes they had my security system working. I feel protected now in my new location thanks to my home security systems.